Happy New Year!

Yesterday, I went to my first yoga class in months.

Yoga has been a huge part of my life since 1998 but sadly I’m not making it to many classes these days. I know this will change when my son is a little older, but I’m a little sad about it right now. My stiff, creaky body is sad about it too.

Over the years, yoga practice has been a traditional December 31st activity for me. I’ve been to benefit classes for charity. I’ve been to classes incorporating rituals to wring out the old. I’ve been to classes that include intention-setting activities for the coming year.

Yesterday’s class was a traditional class, incorporating active asana sequences with restorative poses. One thing Lori, my instructor, said at the beginning of class stuck with me all through the practice and all day afterwards.

“Approach the practice with a beginner’s mind.”

I knew that these words were important and meaningful, not just in the world of yoga, but on the fertility journey too.

A beginner’s mind is free of preconceptions. When we cultivate such a mindset, we can better connect our minds and bodies.

This mind-body connection is absolutely essential for success on the fertility path, and it was a key element to my being able to conceive my son. I’d had an un-welcomed 3-month break from fertility treatments due to a cancelled IUI cycle, and I used the time to look at many things in my life, most of all my mindset.

I knew that was the one piece I’d been neglecting. I turned to mindfulness practice and creative visualization and it helped me go from a place of, “try everything and pray this cycle works” to a place of “I trust and innately know that I will be a mother.”

In having a beginner’s mind, you go back to basics.

Think back to when you first started trying to conceive. How did you feel? The anticipation, the hope, the optimism… it was pretty exciting, right?

And then after you didn’t get pregnant after the first few months like you thought you would, or after you suffered that first difficult loss, or after you saw a fertility specialist who gave you some pretty grim predictions, it became less and less exciting with each passing month.

As your journey went on you started learning more than you ever thought you’d need or want to know. About things like in-vitro fertilization, daily injections, endometrial scratches, fresh vs. frozen embryo transfers – and the world of trying to conceive took on a whole new, decidedly unexciting, dimension.

This process of becoming more educated isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m a huge proponent of becoming your own best advocate, especially with regard to anything medical.

The flip side, though, is that we can get so wrapped up our procedures, in trying different protocols, or weighing supplement X against supplement Y, that we go through the process on auto-pilot. We’re going through the motions, and we know what to expect.

We become jaded.

And, if our journey has yielded lots of heartbreak, we become bitter.

Jaded and bitter aren’t ideal places to be on the fertility journey.

When you approach your journey with a beginner’s mind, you put aside your knowledge. You release the past, and aren’t obsessed with the future. You’re squarely focused on the here and the now.

I invite you to take yourself back to that place in the very beginning, when it was all easier – when you didn’t know anything about baby-making except the birds and the bees.

Through cultivating a beginner’s mind we can really listen to our bodies — we can truly honor ourselves, and give ourselves what we need the most.

  • Healthy, nourishing food.
  • Gentle, restorative movement.
  • Quality, restful sleep.
  • Joyful, happy relationships.
  • The time, and permission, to do the things that make our heart sing, that make us feel deliciously alive.

The basics.

This can help you release the jadedness and the bitterness. You can give yourself a fresh, new perspective and completely transform your fertility path. You can create miracles.

2017 is a new year.

In numerology, it is also a “1-year” – this means it’s a year of new beginnings. The number 1 is also the number of genesis, the beginning, the number from which all the other numbers are created, life.

This is all very exciting for you on your fertility path!

I wish you all a year full of joyful blessings, and fertile new beginnings.

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