Today I welcome another beautiful guest post to the blog to talk about how to connect with your baby.  Now, before it’s born.  Heck, before it’s even conceived!

Cathy Ospina is a fertility, birth, and new mom coach and a certified energy healer. She has helped dozens of women identify and heal the mental or emotional block to conception so they can finally get pregnant.

Cathy’s work really resonates with me, because, as I’ve shared with you in the past, I discovered during my journey through fertility that my emotional blockages were standing in my way to becoming a mom.  I was doing a lot to take care of my physical body through diet and lifestyle, but I still wasn’t getting pregnant.

I wasn’t connecting with my baby.

It was when I tuned in to the messages I was giving myself – that I was too old, that I’d waited too long, that my eggs were crap, and – my personal favorite – that I wasn’t “meant” to be a mom (whatever that means) that I knew I needed to turn this around.  I might learn how to give myself better messages and still not conceive due to the odds against me, but I knew that if I didn’t change my mindset I’d never have a chance no matter how much sleep I got or kale I ate.

So I started learning how to connect with my baby spiritually – it all started in yoga class during savasana (final relaxation pose) when I started visualizing – visualizing myself pregnant, giving birth, holding a baby – and on a deeper level, watching my follicles grow inside my ovaries, seeing fertilization happen and then watching the embryo travel to and implant in the uterus.  Watching it all unfold with my mind’s eye, as if I was watching a movie.

This was one tool that helped me go from a place of fear and doubt to one of faith and trust, and knowing I’d be a mom.  I know it was integral to my being able to conceive.

In this post Cathy gives you all kinds of tips for connecting with your baby, now during this time of preconception when it’s so critical.

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Guest Post by Cathy Ospina

As a Fertility Coach, I constantly hear women saying they feel disconnected or wish they could connect with their babies.

Do you wish you could connect with your baby?  If this sounds like you, I have good news to share with you:

Your higher self is constantly talking to you and sharing hints and clues about your future life and your baby!

All you need to do is learn how to look for these messages and open up to receiving and trusting these communications.

If you are constantly focused on “my baby isn’t here yet”, “maybe I’m not supposed to be a mom”, and “it’s been so hard and such a struggle to get pregnant”, you can tune into the love, support and guidance of your higher self.

This will help you to get out of fear, doubt, and all your perceived “limitations” and focus on possibilites….Your baby is not in your limitations, but in the field of infinite possibilities.

Here are some ways that your higher self speaks to you:


Intuition is direct guidance from our higher self! We are all intuitive but we are not all intuitive in the same way. Many women think that they are not intuitive because they don’t see visions or directly hear messages.

It’s not that you are not receiving messages from your higher self, you simply need to learn *how* your higher self speaks to you.  Tapping into your intuition is key to learning how to connect with your baby.

Here’s the thing that most people don’t know, there are 4 main types of intuition.

1. Clairvoyance–Psychic or higher visions

   Clairvoyance and Clairaudience are the two most well-known types of intuition. Vision is our most dominant sense therefore this form of intuition is pretty hard to miss.

2. Clairaudience–Psychic or higher hearing

   Do you voices that speak to you?

Hearing is our second most dominant sense, and like vision, inner hearing is pretty hard to miss.

3. Claircognizance–Psychic or higher knowing

   Do you just know things? For instance someone can ask you something and you know the answer even though your not sure how you would consciously know that particularly information?

Claircognizance is probably the most subtle form of intuition. Because the knowledge comes in the way of our own thoughts, it can be easy to disregard it and  think we are just “making it up.”

Claircognizance is my dominant form of intuition yet for the longest time I thought I wasn’t intuitive at all! It took time for me to learn how to discern intuitive thoughts from other thoughts and even longer to learn to trust this knowing!

4. Clairsentience–Psychic feeling

   Do you feel with a knowing?

   Do you experience chills or tingling sensations when you hear something that resonates for you.

Clairsentience is my second dominant intuition. I didn’t realize it was a form of intuition and disregarded this knowing.

The best way I can explain my clairsentience is feeling an image…much like an energetic silhouette image of a subject. I also get chills whenever I hear something that rings true to me.


You can connect with your baby through your dreams!  Your higher self loves to speak to you in dreams because your mental limitations are down! The dream world has different rules. In dreams you’re not bound by gravity or the law of cause and effect. All things are possible! Therefore, all the things that are so ‘real’ and you’re so challenged by in waking consciousness, can be ‘no problem’ in our dream consciousness!

Your age, health conditions, and egg quality are ‘no big deal’ in the dream world!

Have you ever had a dream about being pregnant and birthing a baby and believed it?!

Have you ever talked to someone who has already passed or with your future baby?!

Have you ever had a dream that was so real, it shocked you, and you woke up not knowing which one was real?

So often we brush off these powerful dreams and think “it was just a dream.” However, dreams can be powerful messages for our life, healing, and there are even practices that use lucid dreaming, remaining conscious in your dream, to manifest something in your waking reality.

The ancient Toltecs believe that the dream world is the ‘real’ world and this world is a dream…crazy I know!

If you would like to start harnessing the power of your dreams, the first step is dream recall. If you don’t remember your dreams then it doesn’t matter if you were lucid!

The best and easiest way to start remembering your dreams is to make it an intention. During the day ask the question to yourself “Am I awake or am I dreaming?” Asking this question will help you ask the question in your dreams.

It’s best to ask the question in combination with a mental trigger, i.e. setting a timer on your phone and asking the question each time it goes off.

Each night before you go to sleep say out loud 3 times  “I will remember my dreams” this will give power to your intention and increase the chances that you will wake up. Have a journal open to a blank page with a pen handy and a soft light so that you can wake up when you realize you are dreaming write down your dream.

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Human beings are essentially co-creators with the universe! This is the extreme honor and privilege of being human! Our higher self loves to connect us with others to give us clues and hints that will bring us insights about what is coming up for us, including clues about our baby! Truly, this is an amazing way to connect with your baby.

Do you find yourself saying this?

“All my friends are getting pregnant”

“I’m constantly running into pregnant women and newborns”

“I’m constantly seeing birth announcements on social media”

I spoke to a lady on the phone who said, “You don’t understand I run a dance studio and I teach 7 sets of twins! What are the odds of that?”

I told her, “these are not odds, they are clues about what is coming for you!”

Like I already shared, your higher self is always giving you clues and hints about your baby. She’s telling you, “Trust that this is happening for you.”

The problem is in your interpretation of these clues…

I hear so many women saying…

“I can’t leave my house because I’m always running into pregnant women”

“I’m constantly having to avoid my pregnant friends”

“I have to avoid avoid avoid!”

When I hear this, it breaks my heart because I think…”if only they knew the truth…that these messages are happening for them…and allowed themselves to receive them as positive signs!”

The truth is, if you feel your baby in your heart and you are seeing these clues, it means she is coming to you! Trust that these clues are truth! All you have to do is remove what is blocking her entry!

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The last way that our higher self gives us clues about our baby is in clues that are specific to us. These are clues that no one else would understand but make complete sense to us. We have a knowing when they appear. These clues are the answer to our question or give us faith that we are held and supported by our higher self and spiritual team.

The best way to receive a clue, sign, or message like this is to ask for it! Yes it really is that simple. Our higher self and our spiritual team is on call waiting to assist us but we must start the conversation. You can ask a question like “Can you please send me a sign that I can clearly see and understand?”

As the common adage states, “ask and you shall receive!”

It is my greatest hope that you incorporate some of these tools and practices to begin to open your intuition and tap into the wealth of support and guidance that is available to you! If you are struggling on your fertility journey I want you to know that you are loved and supported.

Cathy Ospina is a fertility, birth, and new mom coach and a certified energy healer. She has helped dozens of women identify and heal the mental or emotional block to conception so they can finally get pregnant through her online coaching and programs.

Cathy graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke Integrative Medicine and is Duke University Trained Integrative Health Coach. She has received additional trainings through Postpartum Action Institute and DONA International. She lives in Puerto Escondido Mexico with her husband and two daughters.

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