You might be worried you can’t conceive and carry to term. You might feel like your body isn’t working. You might think you’re too old to have a baby. 

I am here to give you hope. I had a healthy baby at age 43 without major medical intervention. A few years ago, I was exactly where you are now. 

My husband and I started trying for a baby when I was 41. I knew I was healthy. I’d eaten clean for five years and had practiced yoga for 15 years before that. I’d succeeded at anything I’d ever wanted to do — I’d run marathons and accomplished a lot in my career — so I figured I’d be able to have a baby also. I got pregnant in the spring, a few weeks before my 42nd birthday. I was so excited. But then I found that the embryo had no heartbeat. I’d suffered a miscarriage and had to have a D&C. I was devastated. 

Over the summer I went to a fertility specialist to try again. My test results felt like a gut punch.   

  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH): 16.4 (“normal” is below 10)
  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH): 0.15 (for a woman over 40, a “good” result is anything over 1.0)
  • Antral Follicle Count never higher than 5 (“normal/good” is in the 12-15 range)

And a diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve — in other words, I didn’t have a stockpile of eggs left. My AMH result indicated my egg supply was “undetectable.”

My doctor said I had a less than 2% chance of getting pregnant with my own eggs. 


He also recommended that we go straight to in vitro fertilization using donor eggs.

That jolted me. Something about that didn’t sit right with me. My gut told me that donor egg IVF wasn’t the way my baby was going to be born. I wanted a more natural approach, and after years of ignoring my gut feelings, I decided to finally listen to my intuition and try to conceive with an intrauterine insemination (IUI). 

Onto the fertility roller coaster I went, with a few rounds of trying to conceive via IUI in the fall. One cycle resulted in a positive pregnancy test, and another miscarriage. The third IUI cycle ended up getting canceled because my hormone levels weren’t where they needed to be. 

After that canceled cycle, I talked to myself in the worst way possible. I was convinced my body was not working properly. How was I going to handle the intensity of IVF? 


Then the regrets rolled in like a gray fog. I questioned whether I made a mistake by focusing on my career when I was younger instead of getting married. I started to avoid my friends who had children because it was too heartbreaking to feel left out as the only one without a child. 

taking charge of fertilityop._l.;

Over the winter, I began to look hard at exactly what I was doing wrong. I was doing all the “right“ things — I ate healthy foods, did yoga, got plenty of sleep and took vitamins — so why wasn’t I pregnant already? Every cycle felt like a battle. I knew I needed a new approach. 

I found out that though I was confident and hopeful, I didn’t truly believe that I would conceive. I tuned into my self-talk and discovered some nasty messages — that I was too old, my eggs were crap, that I wasn’t meant to be a mom. I realized that no matter how well I took care of myself physically, I had zero chance of conceiving unless I turned around my thinking.  


It took a little while, but I began to heal and forgive myself. I let go of regret about waiting until my 40s. I began to make space to be a mom and I learned how to be happier. I focused on people and aspects of my life I was grateful for. 


When the World Says,  “Give Up”,

But Hope Whispers,  “Try It One More Time.”

In the spring, my husband and I decided to try one last IUI cycle before pursuing other options. 

And, I got pregnant!  It was my 4th IUI cycle, and the insemination was a month before my 43rd birthday – almost to the day.

I was overjoyed and relieved! At the end of my first trimester, my test results were fabulous, and in line with what a typical 31-year-old would see — and I was 43! It was a completely normal and uneventful pregnancy, and my son Charlie was born in December.  I named him after my own mom, who passed away at the end of my first trimester. 

My fertility journey helped me to deeply understand my body and fertility, and how to create not just the family I was dreaming of, but a life I truly love. It showed me how to build a mindset of trust and belief rather than fear.


#I want you to break through to have the joyful life that you are looking for.

This is not just a journey of fertility, but a journey of empowerment. 

After Charlie was born, I felt called to help other women find their way out of the dark cave of infertility, leading me to get the following coaching credentials:

  • Certified integrative nutrition health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Training in the Optimal Fertility Program at the Integrative Women’s Health Institute
  • Certified Fertility Counselor with Joyful Living Services  
  • Self-study in the Fertile Body Method

While working with me, you’ll learn how to take control of your fertility — and your life — with a holistic approach. You’ll uncover your healthiest, most fertile self through tools and practices that enhance your fertility and well-being. You’ll discover ways not only to cope, but thrive on your fertility journey. You’ll find ways to bring hope, peace, and even joy to the process of trying to conceive.  

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“When you choose hope, anything is possible.”

– Christopher Reeve

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