It’s February, the month of love.

I love love.

In honor of Valentines Day, February, and love itself, I’m dedicating this post to love.

Specifically, the love that you have for yourself. 

Because all you need is love, right?

Well, we might need a little more than just love to make it in the world, and our fertility journey, but we actually don’t need much more than that.  Love goes a long way, I’m telling you.

And without loving ourselves, truly loving ourselves with compassion and empathy, we’re not going to get very far on our fertility path, or in life.

I discovered this when I went to Peru in 2002, and learned that part of the reason I was so unhappy wasn’t because I didn’t have a man to love me, but because I didn’t love myself.

It’s why in the past I’ve offered my Love Yourself Challenge, to help us reconnect with ourselves so that we can continue moving forward on our fertility and life journeys.

In the video below I talk about self-love – why it’s important, especially for our fertility journey, and give you 6 strategies to love on yourself and become your own best friend.

The fertility journey is a time in which we’re uniquely challenged, and we can feel like we’re at war with ourselves.  We blame ourselves for our difficulties in getting pregnant.  We shame our bodies for not doing what we feel that as women they’re supposed to do.  All of our life regrets come front and center as we say that if we’d just made different choices when we were younger (in career, relationships, health, you name it) we wouldn’t be in this fertility-challenged predicament today.

In short, we’re at war with ourselves.  At a time when we need grace and compassion the most.

Let me know what you’re doing to love on yourself, not just during this month of love, but always!

For more of my videos, check out my YouTube channel!

Big LOVE to you, this month and always,

Steph xo


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