Big news!  I’m now available in REAL TIME to support you on your fertility journey!  Join my FREE private Facebook group, Path to Your Fertile Self, and explore ways to create the family of your dreams and a life you love.

If you’ve been with me a while you know how I conceived my first baby at 42.  After just a year of trying.  Without major medical intervention.

I did it by taking control of my health and fertility.  Through living clean and making healthy lifestyle choices.  By learning about my body and my cycles.  

And most important of all, I cultivated a mindset to set myself up for success.  I connected my body and my mind and reprogrammed my subconscious.  

We’ll explore all of these things in the group.  I’ll help you take back control over your fertility, health and mindset too.  You’ll make positive changes that will increase your chances of success on your journey.

The thing I love the most about the group is that you’ll get more than on-the-spot coaching from me.  You’ll also get loving, gentle support from the rest of the group, wherever you are on your fertility path. We’ll all lift each other up!

In the group you’ll see all the information you’re used to getting from me, either by email or in my Your Fertile Self fan page.   This includes news about fertility-related topics of interest, recipes, lifestyle and crucial mindset information.  

And you get the added bonus of direct access to me and community with the other group members.

I can’t tell you how excited I am!

This is a closed group, meaning non-group members will not be able to see the posts, so it’s a safe space to share, receive and offer support.

See you over on Facebook!! 

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