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Join Stephanie Roth, founder of Your Fertile Self, for a 10-day program to promote conception, jumpstart your body, restore balance, and feel great!

Are You Ready To….

Create a baby-ready body?

Give your future baby the best possible start in life, starting even before she or he is conceived?

Take charge over your fertility?

Feel more in control over your health, well-being and fertility journey?

Feel healthy, strong, and comfortable in your own skin?


The New Year – heck, the new DECADE! – is here.  The holiday season is over and you’ve come crashing back to reality with a thud.  During the holidays your clean eating and exercise plans went right out the window.  You made some New Years Resolutions to get healthier and did okay the first couple weeks of January but that faded away fast.  Now you’re frustrated and not sure how to get back on track.

You haven’t lost the holiday weight, and your clothes feel a little tight.  On top of all that, your fertility meds have you feeling bloated and exhausted.

Now you’re dying to get back to your healthy routines, or create new ones, and you’re ready to turn over a new leaf in your fertility journey too.  You want to get back on track and reboot your body, but you feel paralyzed because all the information about diets and fertility is overwhelming.  You have all kinds of questions like, Should I drink red raspberry leaf tea during stims?  What should I be eating to strengthen my uterine lining?

Trying to figure it all out makes your head hurt.  Plus, between all your doctors visits for consultations, monitoring and procedures, you’re too busy and don’t have time to figure out a plan for eating and self-care BUT you know it’s so important.

I understand this struggle because I’ve been through it myself.

I married “later” at the “ripe” age of 38 and didn’t start trying to conceive until I was 41.  After a first-trimester miscarriage I was diagnosed with severe Diminished Ovarian Reserve (AMH 0.15; FSH 16.4; and AFC never higher than 5).  I was told that I had less than a 2% chance of getting pregnant with my own eggs, and that IVF using donor eggs was my best chance at having a baby.


After following an integrative health care program that I designed myself, I got pregnant after just one year of trying, a month before my 43rd birthday, with my own eggs, and without major medical intervention.  9 months after that I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Hi! I’m Stephanie…

I’m Stephanie Roth, a certified fertility counselor and integrative nutrition health coach.  My passion in life is helping women find the power within themselves to take control over their own health and fertility – so that you can create the family of your dreams and a life that you love!  From this place you can approach your fertility journey with a mindset of faith, trust and knowing that motherhood is just around the corner.

I’m here to give you the tools you need to increase your chances of conceiving, whether you’re trying naturally or are in fertility treatment, and the support to help you along the roller coaster of the fertility journey.

Renewal for Fertility

This simple, 10-Day cleanse program will help you make the changes you need to conceive and deliver the healthy, happy baby that you dream of.

Discover easy and delicious recipes that will fuel your body and fertility. Improve your overall health and well-being through powerful self-care practices Find a sense of calm and peace toward your fertility journey.

Every aspect of this program works together to help you unlock your fertile self.  If you want to get have your baby in 2020, NOW is the time to focus on your heath and well-being.  It takes 90 days for your eggs to fully grow and mature, so the self-care practices that you begin right now will have an impact on the eggs that you ovulate three months from now.  It’s not too late, but you need to get started now if you want to have your baby this year.

There are many ways to cleanse your body – Renewal for Fertility adopts the practice of cleansing with whole, anti-inflammatory, natural foods – no crazy pills or potions!  Whole food is the best medicine that we have for real healing.

Your self-care now impacts the health of your future baby and helps you give your baby the best possible start in life – even before it’s conceived!

Why I Created Renewal for Fertility

  1. Life is busy…and you only get one chance every month to get pregnant. I want to give you an effective, easy-to-implement system to get results quickly, and maintain those results.
  2. A cleanse using whole foods helps you restore your natural hormonal balance.  The meals you will eat during Renewal for Fertility have been carefully planned and designed to promote optimal hormone balance which affects so many of us on the fertility path.  Issues with ovulation are the leading cause of female infertility, and a root cause of ovulatory issues is hormonal imbalance.
  3. Cleansing boosts your uterine health.  Your uterus is your baby’s baby’s first home and periodic cleansing will help keep it in tip-top shape to do its job to provide a nurturing environment for baby.  If you grapple with irregular or absent menstruation, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a cleanse can give your uterus and reproductive system a reboot for improved fertility.
  4. Fertility is a by-product of your overall health and well-being – your physical health and your mindset are integrated and I want to give you practical tools to help you on your fertility journey.  This program goes above and beyond the menu plans to give you other tools for your arsenal on your journey toward optimal health and fertility.
  5. Even though I believe in simple and gentle cleanses, cleansing can be tough to do on your own (I’ve been there, so I understand!). Through this program you get the support you need to set yourself up for success during your cleanse and beyond.

What do you get with Renewal for Fertility?

  • Cleanse Kick-off Coaching Call Recording.  The call will get you prepared for your cleanse. During the call, I’ll go over important details for Renewal for Fertility.
  • A Complete Cleanse Manual.  The  manual will include an easy-to-follow, step-by-step clean eating menu plan with all meals spelled out for you as well as fertility-boosting recipes and shopping list, so you know exactly what to eat and when. 
  • Daily Love Notes.  There’s a love note for each day of the cleanse, to help keep you motivated and inspired.  You can also be in touch with me anytime during your cleanse with your questions.
  • Live Facebook support group.  The private Facebook group gives you a private community to connect with other women like you, as well as get live, on-the-spot coaching from me.  You’ll get the support you need each step of the way, and you won’t feel stuck or alone.
  • Daily Journal.  The journal gives you a place to record your cleanse experience. You can either fill it out online or print it out and fill it in.
  • Guest Experts.  I’ve assembled a full lineup of top-notch fertility experts who will share their expertise with you and guide you through amazing tools to help you optimize your fertility.  Look for videos, handouts and an incredible wealth of information from our accomplished guests.
  • Return to Life Guide.  This guide will help you for life after Day 10 – how to reintroduce foods to your diet while keeping the positive effects from the cleanse.


Are you ready to transform your body from the inside out

in just 10 days?

Free Fertility Coaching Mini-Session

When you purchase Renewal for Fertility you’ll also receive a free 30-minute mini coaching session with me.  We can discuss your cleanse experience, talk about your unique fertility concerns, get laser-focused on a strategy to get you on track to conception, and hammer out a plan for moving forward.

When you sign up for the cleanse, you’ll receive a link to my calendar to book your session.

Discounted DUTCH Test

When you purchase Renewal for Fertility you’ll also receive a $100 discount to purchase the comprehensive DUTCH test – Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones.  Hormones are the name of the game in fertility, and the comprehensive DUTCH test gives you in-depth information about your hormones, which can help you get at the root cause of your fertility issues and achieve hormone balance.

The test can be taken in the comfort of your own home, and after you receive your results book your free fertility coaching session with me, where I’ll help you understand your DUTCH test results.  I’ll also help you get laser-focused on a strategy for conception.

With your cleanse materials, you’ll also receive a discount code to purchase your DUTCH test

Ready to feel great and renew for your fertility?

Buy now, cleanse anytime before March 19!

Your Investment: Only $97

Nervous about cleansing? Here’s what you can expect…

You might be thinking, isn’t a cleanse just another kind of crash diet?  I’ve heard of those drink-nothing-but-lemon-juice deprivation detoxes that make you feel like crap!

In a diet, you find yourself calorie-counting, obsessing over the things you can’t eat, or even skipping meals to try and lose weight.  Diets are all about deprivation.  Diets also don’t address the hormonal imbalance or inflammation that affect our fertility.  They also make us stressed out, which definitely affects fertility!

cleanse is about using your body’s own systems to gently remove toxins from your body.  A cleanse nourishes and strengthens your body, and gives your body a reboot.
Renewal for Fertility is NOT about starving your body, fasting, drinking weird potions that taste like mud, or taking crazy pills.  It IS about adding in so much by going back to basics with real food, and learning how to feed your fertility with pure, whole anti-inflammatory foods that restore your hormonal balance and ovulation, and detoxify your reproductive system and other internal organs.

In Renewal for Fertility you will actually EAT real food and learn how to take amazing care of yourself and your fertility!  You’ll discover what does and doesn’t work for you and your own unique body.

I make it easy for you…

I take ALL of the decision-making out of the equation for you, the whole way through the program.  You won’t need to worry about what to buy or how to prepare and cook the meals, because I’ll lay it all out for you at the beginning.

I’ll guide you every step of the way until you’ve learned to connect with your own body’s wisdom.  So often on the fertility journey we become disconnected from our bodies amid all the poking and prodding at the RE’s office.  We also feel at war with our bodies for not doing what we want them to do… we feel broken.

Through this program you’ll reconnect with that gorgeous body of yours, and you’ll feel more confident and comfortable in your own body.


Check out these amazing benefits!

  • Weight loss – This could vary anywhere from 4-9 lbs., and is different for each person – research shows that losing just 5-10% of your body weight can improve your chances of conceiving.
  • Increased energy – You’ll be able to go all day which is so important when juggling all the doctors appointments, monitoring and planning and preparation that is so all-consuming on the fertility journey.  You’ll also have more energy for sex!
  • The best sleep you’ve ever had – Don’t be surprised if you’re up before your alarm every day (this is my favorite side effect of cleansing)!  This helps our fertility because many of our important reproductive hormones are produced while we sleep.
  • A happier gut – Gut health is the foundation of our entire system, well beyond digestion. According to Chinese medicine, healthy digestion is key to overall health, including fertility.
  • Reduced inflammation – Leading to better quality eggs and sperm.
  • A clearer mind – Adios, brain fog!  You’ll be sharper and more focused which will be invaluable for your fertility journey.
  • Better immunity – Getting rid of toxins improves your immune system, so you’re less likely to catch any of those winter colds and bugs that will be headed our way soon.  A healthier you means a healthier baby.
  • Reduced Stress – As the stress melts away you’ll feel so much more at peace with your fertility journey and will have greater faith in the process of trying to conceive.

Ready to feel great and renew for your fertility?

Buy now, cleanse anytime before March 19!

Your Investment: Only $97

What People Are Saying

Right after doing your fertility cleanse last season, I went in for treatment cycle the next month and by God’s grace and blessings, I conceived. I am 31 weeks pregnant now! I am soooo thankful to you and God for having my paths crossed with you. I am very sure that the cleanse – Renewal for Fertility – helped me prepare my body and uterus to nurture this baby.

Shravani S.

Thanks Stephanie for everything!  Right from your infectious enthusiasm to delivering the cleanse program across miles so efficiently, for being in touch whenever I wanted any advice, for your lovely and empowering emails and videos. You made me get stronger on my journey to think “I can do it and the day is not far when I’ll be able to hold my baby for real”. Thanks for being a great support in this phase of my fertility journey. 🙏🙏

former participant

“Stephanie is wonderfully supportive and I appreciate all of her time and hard work – and especially her positive light!  The ladies struggling with fertility really need someone like her in their corner.”

Rachel R.

I really enjoyed cleansing last season and I’m back at it again! I am always amused by how I look at the menus and think “OMG!” is that all I get, really? And think they’re going to be really dull meals. But actually they’re really yummy! I’ll look out for the next season as this is a little addictive for the wonderful healthful feeling… I felt great after the last one and continue to use some of the dishes in my day to day diet which makes me feel very virtuous.

Claire W.

Stephanie is an amazing resource, and not just for fertility.  She is committed to healthy living and has a wonderfully compassionate way to convey it that is infectious in its joy!  She has made so many changes in her life that I could not help looking at my own and following her lead.

Sometimes you just need someone to step outside the box that the doctors put you in and give you a different perspective and Stephanie does that marrying both knowledge and grace.  She is easy to talk to and very efficient with both email and skype follow-ups.  What better way to navigate all the information that is out there than with someone who has already done so much of the leg work??  She continually inspires me to stay positive and keep on the up side of things.  A true gem in very sense!!!

Carol M.

The cleanse is broken down into an easy to follow and manageable program, it is easy to follow and you feel supported.  I loved the variety of topics covered, It’s an excellent program with warmth and real connection with Stephanie.

former participant

Stephanie, I am so thankful to you. I religiously followed your diet plan, advice and guest sessions. It was of paramount importance to be physically and mentally be prepared before taking the challenge of another cycle. It really worked for me and my heart is full of gratitude for you.

former participant

Getting to know Stephanie has been one of the most important factors in me getting pregnant. After 4 years of trying we decided to take a summer break and focus on our relationship and ourselves. I was scared to “waste time” not trying but Stephanie walked me through this and encouraged me focus on us. We practiced gratitude and being thankful in where we were in our journey. Our first month back to trying and we finally received the news we had been praying for. A very healthy perfect little baby growing.

Rainee L.

“Winter’s natural focus on hibernation and rest gives us the nourishment we need to make way for conception to happen.”

Stephanie Roth, Creator of Renewal for Fertility

More Questions You Might Have Right Now…

Why use a cleanse to help with fertility?
While there are many causes of female infertility and everyone’s situation is unique, one common element is ovulation.  it’s impossible to get pregnant without ovulating, and issues with ovulation are the leading cause of female infertility.  Hormonal imbalance is a leading contributor to ovulatory issues.  During a cleanse, we go back to basics with real food and learning how to feed your fertility with pure, whole, anti-inflammatory foods that restore your hormonal balance, improve your egg quality and normalize your ovulation.
Can I do a cleanse during a treatment (IVF, IUI, FET, timed intercourse) cycle?
This type of gentle cleansing isn’t harsh on your body.  Since it uses the healing power of whole, natural foods, it works with your own natural systems and is safe to do while trying to conceive.  I definitely recommend checking with your doctor to make sure there aren’t any contraindications with your specific treatment protocol.  Assuming you get the green light from your doctor, cleansing during a treatment cycle is a purely personal decision.  Cleansing, while not difficult, does require planning, preparation, attention and focus – as does the process of fertility treatment.  I cleansed each season while TTC, which included 4 medicated IUI cycles. If you feel it’s too much to try to cleanse during a treatment cycle, you can always sign up to get all of the materials, emails and guest speaker information, and file it away until you’re ready to cleanse.  The fall cleanse can be done anytime before we head into winter on December 21.
Does it matter where I am in my menstrual cycle during the cleanse?
Renewal for Fertility is focused on fueling our body through seasonal whole foods, and fueling our fertility through whole, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, fertility-boosting foods.  These foods may be consumed throughout the menstrual cycle.  You may have heard of a “fertility cleanse” – that type of cleanse may have different elements to be done at different times of the menstrual cycle.  That type of cleansing can be beneficial but doesn’t take into account the body’s craving of natural balance with the seasons.  Renewal for Fertility gives your body what it needs right now during this time of the year.
Will I really see results in just 10 days?
When you eat foods that aren’t right for your body, you may feel bloated, sluggish and lethargic.  You might also be inflamed and your hormones imbalanced.  Renew for Fertility gives you the results you’re looking for because you’ll be removing foods that cause inflammation in the body and compromise your fertility.  As your body naturally rids itself of toxins, you’ll feel lighter, have more energy, will sleep better and feel more comfortable in your own skin – yes, you’ll feel this before the 10 days are over.
Am I going to be feeling really miserable during the cleanse?
Everyone’s cleanse experience is different and I have to honestly say that if you’re currently consuming a lot of sugar and caffeine the first few days might be difficult. However, before the cleanse I will send you instructions on how to prepare and begin to wean yourself off of those things before the cleanse even starts. That way you won’t be diving straight into the deep end without a life jacket!  If the first few days are hard for you, remember that the entire group is here to support you and once you get over the hump of the first few days, all the great stuff – the weight loss, lightness, increased energy, better sleep, improved mood – is just around the corner!  It’s coming, I promise!
I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Can I do the cleanse?
Renewal for Fertility is a gentle cleanse that uses the power of whole seasonal foods. These foods are anti-inflammatory, have no refined sugars and are low in natural sugars. These foods will help you restore your natural hormonal balance and feel great. As PCOS is at its core a condition characterized by hormonal imbalance, Renewal for Fertility is ideal for you if you’re grappling with PCOS. I can always work with you on any food substitutions if you are concerned about the menu.
I live in Australia (or South America - the Southern Hemisphere) and I'm in summer right now, not winter - can I do the cleanse?

Our bodies have completely different nutritional needs in summer than in winter.  If you live in the Southern Hemisphere and are interested in doing a cleanse right now for summer, get in touch with me and I’ll hook you up with my summer cleanse which will give you all the resources but with a spring menu that is seasonal for you right now.

What if I don't like the food?
At the risk of sounding like your mom, it’s important to give something a try before deciding you don’t like it (I say this to my son all the time!).  Keep an open mind and be open to trying new things.  In the nutrition world, the general rule of thumb is to try something between 5-10 times before we decide we don’t like it.  Our tastes also change as we get older and we discover that foods we used to hate are now things that we love (for me, it’s broccoli)!  A newfound love of previously disliked foods might be one of the discoveries you make on the cleanse.
I usually eat Paleo and or/do Ketogenic diet. Or what if I'm a vegan? Can I do the cleanse?
Yes. I advocate eating whole foods rather than following a particular diet – but the recipes are sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and mostly grain free.  I do include gluten-free rolled oatmeal for breakfast, but the cleanse is basically seasonal meals with veggies, dark leafy greens, and other anti-inflammatory foods.
What if I have food allergies?
Many of the common allergens (wheat, dairy, soy) have been removed from the cleanse menu, but if you see a food you’re allergic or sensitive to in the menu, get in touch with me and I’ll work with you on substitutions.
Am I going to be stuck in the kitchen all day cooking?
Absolutely not!  I get how busy you are and my goal for Renewal for Fertility is to make things as simple as possible for you during the cleanse.  Most of the meals are 5 ingredients or less and take 5 steps or less to prepare.  I’ll also give you helpful tips on ways to reduce your time in the kitchen, such as preparing a couple of the meals in advance on the weekend, and preparing your snacks, so that during the busy work week all you have to do is grab and go.
Can men join the cleanse?
But of course!  The cleanse recipes serve 2 people, so your husband or partner can join you if he’d like.  The fertility journey is a shared experience, so having your partner join you for the cleanse would be immensely beneficial and powerful for both of you.
I travel a lot for work. Can I stick to the daily plan with such disruptions to my schedule?
Yes.  When you purchase Renewal for Fertility I’ll send you a complete menu plan.  This will help you plan for your work travels.  The key is planning.  As long as you plan, it’s doable.
I'm going to be on vacation during the winter. Can I still do a cleanse?

I hope you’re going somewhere fun – and sunny and warm!  And sure thing! By signing up you’ll receive all of the program materials and my daily messages, teaching and cheerleading, as well as the expertise of the guest speakers.  You can file them away until you’re ready.  You’ll also be part of the community of cleansers and, as I’ve already mentioned, this is key to success in cleansing.  You can do the cleanse anytime before the winter solstice, and the coming of spring, on March 19th.

What if I find out I'm pregnant during the cleanse?
I’ll be jumping up and down doing a big happy dance for you!  If you do get such wonderful, happy news as you do Renewal for Fertility, get in touch with me immediately.  While cleansing is safe (and recommended) during TTC, our nutritional needs during pregnancy change, and I’ll work with you on ways to approach the experience as one to make healthy, delicious meals while you’re growing your beautiful baby.

Ready to feel great and renew for your fertility?

Buy now, cleanse anytime before March 19!

Your Investment: Only $97

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