Today I welcome another lovely guest blogger, Jodi Sky Rogers.  I’ve come to know Jodi over the past couple of years in the fertility community, as she is on her own journey to conceive.  In the fall of 2018 she was a featured guest speaker at my fall cleanse, Renewal for Fertility, and she’s also a member of my Facebook group, Path to Your Fertile Self.

I really love Jodi’s spiritual approach to her fertility and her life journey, and her writing is simply beautiful, almost lyrical.

In this post Jodi talks about the use of mala beads to cultivate mindfulness for the fertility journey, and our spiritual path in life.  Mala, or prayer, beads have been used in many forms by various cultures throughout history to calm anxiety and anchor the user in the present moment, which, as I have often said, is all that we have.

I have vivid memories of my Greek grandmother, great-aunt, and great-grandmother caressing their strands of worry beads to ward off bad luck.  I always found it fascinating to watch them.  Like a centuries-old fidget spinner, this ancient practice has also helped both my sister and me to relieve stress and keep negative energy at bay.

Jodi Sky Rogers is a feminine healing coach, author and energy healer supporting women who crave a simpler, more soulful life to create a deeper sense of peace, presence and inner harmony for themselves.  Her own journey through fertility, including Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and pregnancy loss has inspired her to support women going through similar experiences. She is passionate about creating soulful fertility, mindfulness and TTC self-care resources and tools to support women on their feminine healing and fertility journey.


Fertility Mala: How to Use Prayer Beads as a Tool for Meditation and Mindfulness

by Jodi Sky Rogers

Nothing has called me to lean into my mindfulness and soul therapy practices more than my fertility journey has. I am reminded frequently why creating space to center myself when life is chaotic is so necessary for my wellbeing. One tool that has been helpful in doing so is a mala or set of prayer beads. Prayer beads have been used for centuries in various cultures and different religions – the rosary in Catholicism, the mala in Buddhism and Hinduism, the komboloi (worry beads) used by the ancient Greeks, to name a few. When you scratch beneath the surface, it is interesting to discover that the word ‘bead’ in its original form actually means ‘prayer’. It is derived from the old English and Germanic words ‘bede’/ ‘gebede’ / ‘bid’, which mean to ‘bid one’s prayers’ or ‘to pray’. So, it seems that for thousands of years something as simple as a string of beads was intended to be used as a tool for sacred conversations, mindfulness, to calm anxiety and anchor one in the present moment.

Creating My Fertility Mala

I recently had a rose quartz and moonstone mala custom-made specifically for my fertility mindfulness practice. I’ve had wonderful experiences using crystals for my meditation and healing journey. I’ve heard so many positive stories about the use of fertility crystals, and have personally felt the benefit of working with them to balance my energy or using them as intention stones. So the idea of using fertility crystals in my mala really resonated with me. I’ve quickly fallen in love with my fertility mala. It came in a beautiful pink satin pouch that I’ve filled with dried rose petals from my garden and scented with two drops of rose essential oil.

It always feels deeply soothing to hold a string of mala beads between my fingers or to wear it around my neck, harnessing in the energy of the crystals. When I rub the individual beads softly, I focus my attention on my breathing – inhaling, exhaling and allowing myself to quietly release the cluttered thoughts that crowd my mind – the constant worries about supplements, bloodwork results, OPKS and never ending appointments. With every breath I take, I sense myself relaxing more completely and becoming more grounded in calm. I close my eyes and whisper gratitude prayers, mindfulness mantras or fertility affirmations into the ethers in the same way that my grandmother does. The doubt and the fear start to dissipate when I do. I find myself leaning inward, enveloped in the warm comforting essence of stillness and somehow remembering how to trust in myself, how to trust my body and my journey in the midst of uncertainty and frustration.

How to Use a Fertility Mala

Remember that you can work with different visualizations, mantras and meditations depending on what you need most at the time. You may choose to keep it simple and just focus on being present with the rhythm of your breath. Or you can practice calming meditations for deep relaxation, meditate on the different phases of your menstrual cycle or focus on specific fertility affirmations. The following is a basic mala meditation guideline:

  • Find a quiet place to sit down comfortably and become centered, calm and present.
  • Hold the mala in your hand and drape it between your middle and index finger.
  • Place your thumb on the first bead, bearing in mind that you will use your thumb to count the beads when work your way along the string.
  • Take a deep breath in, focus on inhaling hope and positivity. (you can use your thumb to gently rub the bead as you do if you like)
  • As you exhale, visualize releasing doubt and fear from your body and your mind.
  • Move your thumb to the next bead on the string and repeat the visualization as you do: Inhale hope and positive energy, exhale doubt, stress and fear.
  • Then move on to the next bead, allowing yourself to relax, surrender as you continue focusing on the rhythm of your breath and visualization.

Incorporating fertility affirmations

Place your thumb on the first bead. Take a moment to meditate on what it will feel like when you are pregnant or are holding your baby in your arms. Draw this wonderful feeling into your mala meditation.

Inhale and focus on the affirmation: “I am fertile.” Exhale, saying: “I trust in the creative power of my body and my womb.”

Move your thumb to the next bead. Rubbing it softly, inhale saying: “I am fertile.” Exhale with the affirmation: “Each step forward takes me closer to my beautiful, happy and healthy baby.”

Visualize the experience of a healthy full-term pregnancy and the motherhood drawing closer and closer to you with every breath as you work your way along the string of mala beads.

originally appeared at Jodi Sky Rogers.  Reposted with permission.

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