Your fertility isn’t gone at this age. You just need to find it.


If you’re over 35, it’s not too late to become a mother.

Have you been told that, because you’re over 35…

– You’re running out of time to get pregnant? – You’re already too old to become a mother? – You need to use donor eggs? – The chances of you getting pregant and having a baby are so low that you shouldn’t even bother trying? – There’s little to no hope that you’ll have a family of your own?   I’m here to tell you that you are not a statistic. There is hope, you do have a chance, and it’s not too late!

I understand this struggle because I’ve been through it myself.

I married “later” at the ripe old age of 38 and didn’t start trying to conceive until I was 41.  After a first-trimester miscarriage I was diagnosed with severe Diminished Ovarian Reserve (AMH 0.15; FSH 16.4; and AFC never higher than 5).   I was told that I had less than a 2% chance of getting pregnant with my own eggs, and that IVF using donor eggs was my best chance at having a baby.

After following an integrative health care program that I designed myself, I got pregnant after just a year of trying, a month before my 43rd birthday, and without major medical intervention.  After an uneventful pregnancy, 9 months later I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Now I’ve created an exciting program for women on the over-35 fertility journey to follow the exact same steps that I did to conceive at this age.

Finding Your Fertility Over 35

A 6-week group coaching program running September 21 – October 30, 2020,

to help you maximize your chances of conceiving and delivering the baby that you dream of.


Every aspect of this program works together to help you unlock your fertile self.  Specifically, you’ll:

  • Discover what you need to care for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for your fertility journey.
  • Improve your overall health and well-being through powerful self-care practices.
  • Bask in the support of a trained coach and other women on the same journey who “get you”.
  • Find a sense of calm and peace toward your fertility journey.


If you want to get pregnant before the end of 2020, NOW is the time to focus on your heath and well-being.  How you care for yourself now will help you give your baby the best possible start in life – even before it’s conceived! 

The program kicks off September 21st! 

Hi! I’m Stephanie…

I’m Stephanie Roth, a certified fertility counselor and integrative nutrition health coach.  My passion in life is helping women take control over their own health and fertility so that you can create the family of your dreams and a life that you love!  From this place you can approach your fertility journey with a mindset of faith, trust and knowing that motherhood is just around the corner. I’m here to give you the tools you need to increase your chances of conceiving at an advanced age – whether you’re trying naturally or are in fertility treatment.  I’m also here to support you as you travel the roller coaster of the fertility journey.

Why I Created Finding Your Fertility Over 35

  1. I want to give you an effective, easy-to-implement system with the information and tools you need to maximize your chances.  The fertility journey is pretty overwhelming and can be even more disheartening if you’re over 35.  Everyone tries to convince you that there’s no hope.  You do have time and it’s important to maximize the time you have.
  2. Fertility looks different in your late 30s and 40s than it does when you’re younger.  Let’s face it, your fertility does age along with the rest of you.  At this age, you’re not trying to decide whether or not you should freeze your eggs for later.  You’re thinking about things like how to improve egg quality, navigate irregular cycles, or how to maximize the time you have left to conceive. You might even be thinking about having a baby on your own because you haven’t found the right partner and are still single.  You need a different approach than somebody who’s going down this path at a younger age.
  3. I want to give you practical tools to help you on your over-35 fertility journey.  Fertility is a by-product of your overall health and well-being – your physical health, emotional health and mindset are all integrated.  This program goes above and beyond to give you a comprehensive set of tools for your arsenal on your journey toward optimal health and fertility.
  4.  Support is paramount.  No one truly understands what it’s like to go through a fertility journey except someone else who’s going through it or has been there.  On my own journey through fertility, I didn’t seek out support – I definitely don’t recommend this!  It made an already lonely and isolating journey even more so.  I’m committed to not only giving you the support as a coach, but providing a forum where you can share with other women in a true, authentic way and get the support and camaraderie you need to sustain you on this path.
  5. This can be tough to do on your own (I’ve been there, so I understand!).  Through this program you get the support you need to keep going on your journey, and beyond.

What do you get with the program?

My coaching is rooted in our deep intuitive knowledge of what’s best for us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I use a unique holistic approach called the Three Pillars of Fertility Empowerment that will help you – whether you’re trying naturally or are in treatment – to discover the unique pieces of your own fertility puzzle and how to put the pieces together in just the right way for you.

Finding Your Fertility over 35 incorporates the Three Pillars and other tools to give you what you need to navigate your fertility journey at this age – and take charge of your fertility once and for all, including: 


  • 6 live group coaching calls, beginning the week of September 21. Calls will be held via Zoom and recorded for later access
  • An individual 45-minute deep-dive session with me to delve into your own unique fertility circumstances.  Upon signing up you’ll receive a link to my calendar and you may schedule this session anytime during the program. 
  • Access to weekly individual coaching mini-sessions to check in and address any issues or answer any questions you have that you’d prefer to discuss privately.
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing group support and community
  • Unlimited email/text support from me throughout the 6 weeks, with no more than a 24-hour turnaround.
  • Exclusive fertility, health and wellness tools developed just for you
  • Motivational coaching and emotional support to help you navigate the fertility journey with your sanity intact
  • Bonus e-book, “Back to Basics: Easy Self Care Strategies for Fertility, Health and Wellness Regardless of Your Age”
  • Discount on Oova test kit to test key fertility hormones real-time throughout your cycle, and help interpreting your results.

We start September 21st!

What topics are covered in the program?

The program uses my unique Three Pillars of Fertility Empowerment method to give you an integrative and holistic approach toward your over-35 conception journey.  On the group and individual calls you’ll learn how to:

  • Set your intention for your fertility journey
  • Take charge of your fertility and be your own best advocate
  • Assemble and manage your care team
  • Use fertility awareness tools and fem-tech technology to track your cycles and learn what your body is telling you
  • Best take care of yourself physically, including:
    • How and what to eat
    • How and to move your body, and how often
    • Optimizing your sleep and why it’s important
    • If you need to take supplements and which ones
    • Seasonal cleansing to reboot your body from the inside out
  • Develop the can-do mindset you need
  • Deal with the overwhelm that comes with conceiving at this age
  • Combat negative self-talk and become your own biggest cheerleader
  • Cultivate faith and trust in your journey so that you feel confident moving forward 

You’ll walk away from the program armed and ready with a complete arsenal of the tools and resources that will help you the most, the coaching to learn how to use them, and a supportive network that has your back. 

Ready to get the support you need for your over-35 fertility journey?

The party starts September 21!

Your Investment: Only $397

Free 10-Day Fertility Cleanse (valued at $97)

Periodic cleansing is one of the best things you can do to get your body bady-ready, from the inside out!  My popular seasonal cleanse series, Renewal for Fertility, uses the power of clean, fertility-boosting anti-inflammatory foods to give you the tools you need to hit the reset button on your body, balance your hormones and boost your uterine health. If you sign up by Friday, September 11, 2020, you’ll get the complete Fall edition of Renewal for Fertility – valued at $97 – included with your participation in the program.  You can do the cleanse anytime during the fall season (before December 21), and I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Here’s what’s included with your bonus fertility cleanse:

  • 10-day meal plan complete with menus, recipes and shopping list
  • Prep guide to help you plan for your cleanse, tips and tricks for saving time in the kitchen
  • Daily love notes and videos from me, as well as valuable fertility and wellness information from guest experts 
  • Journal to document your cleanse experience
  • Return to Life Guide, to help you keep the glow going after the cleanse.

You’ll receive your cleanse materials during the week of September 21.

In addition, the first two people to sign up for the program will receive a complimentary copy of the book “Fertility Breakthrough” by Gabriela Rosa (US only)

Ready to get the support you need for your over-35 fertility journey?

The party starts September 21!

Your Investment: Only $397

What People Are Saying

I really enjoyed the program. Both the group calls and individual talks were really reassuring and felt like a weekly pamper session to help me feel better about myself and my journey. I have found the courage to make new decisions and explore more options and solutions knowing that there are many ways to approach my fertility journey. Liora R.

“Stephanie is wonderfully supportive and I appreciate all of her time and hard work – and especially her positive light!  The ladies struggling with fertility really need someone like her in their corner.” Rachel R.

Stephanie is nothing short of amazing! The wisdom, insight, and support she shares is nothing short of life changing. I don’t know how she does it, but she keeps track of everyone, their stories and their processes. She truly cares about each and every one of her members. Her incredible nature has created a group of loving and supportive women which, in turn, has created a place tos hare every emotion and experience and ask any question that comes up during this difficult journey. Taryn L.

Thank you, Stephanie. Everything you’ve brought to the program has helped me feel less alone, less overwhelmed, and less vulnerable in the process of trying to conceive at my age. Amy L.

After doing Stephanie’s program I feel hopeful, not hopeless and scattered. Stephanie is so caring and is there to give you the tools and support you need. I was needing help on my fertility journey and Stephanie really reached out and answered all my questions before joining. The personal touch went a long way. The group environment makes you feel like you have a group behind you cheering you on. Last, but not least, I really appreciate how Stephanie would follow up with emails, information, and support to help me with whatever issue had come up that week. She really gives the personal touch!  It made me feel cared for. Rebecca F.

Stephanie is an amazing resource, and not just for fertility.  Sometimes you just need someone to step outside the box that the doctors put you in and give you a different perspective and Stephanie does that marrying both knowledge and grace.  What better way to navigate all the information that is out there than with someone who has already done so much of the leg work??  She continually inspires me to stay positive and keep on the up side of things.  A true gem in very sense!!! Carol M.

Since doing Stephanie’s program I feel calmer about my journey. Knowing that other women are going through this is so valuable. It’s also valuable that she gives a holistic view of fertility and isn’t just focused on the medical part. I learned just how possible it is to be calm in every moment! Franke S.

I feel differently about my fertility journey after doing Stephanie’s program, because I have tools and resources to learn more about my body and to help with improving my fertility. Stephanie’s program provides guidance for your next steps in your fertility/pregnancy journey, and personalized recommendations specifically for your needs and where you are in your life. In groups, the numbers can tend to go down – in this group everyone attended every call! Julie A.

Stephanie has been my sensei! She has tirelessly helped me through some dark places on my fertility journey and now I’m expecting my first baby at 39. She’s incredibly empathetic and generous with her time, and she knows so much! My husband and I are so grateful to her. Susan C.

“Fertility is about so much more than age and test results. It’s not that black and white. There’s a huge gray area and that’s where the magic can happen.”  Stephanie Roth

More questions you might have right now…

Why should I join this program right now?
Finding Your Fertility Over 35 gives you a unique approach using a combination of group and individual coaching to help you on your over-35 fertility journey.  The program both embodies a holistic approach and looks at the unique aspects to trying to conceive at this age – and give you the tools, videos, worksheets, exercises and support you need so that you can be calmer about your journey instead of being distraught, stressed and overwhelmed – all at a steeply discounted price. These resources will always be available to you, even as they’re updated.  The doors are open now but will close soon and will not open again until 2021. I can’t guarantee that this program will be offered again at this price so if you’re thinking about joining, now is the time to do it.
Do I have to be doing IVF to participate?
Finding Your Fertility over 35 is open to any women over the age of 35 who is trying to conceive.  This includes trying naturally, via intrauterine insemination or using IVF with your own or donated genetic material.  Many of the tools and resources touched upon in the program will also help you if you’re seeking to build your family without getting pregnant yourself, i.e., surrogacy or adoption.
Does the program include any one-on-one coaching or is it all group coaching?
Finding Your Fertility Over 35 uses a hybrid approach and includes both group and individual coaching elements. During the group calls you’ll receive information and tools that are relevant across the board for the over-35 fertility experience, and share community with like-minded women on the same journey.  You’ll receive individual coaching during your deep-dive and individual office hours sessions.
Is there an upper age limit for the program? I’m 45 now, am I too old?
If you’re over 35 and trying to build your family, this program welcomes you.  This includes women their mid 40s and even up to age 50, as we have seen women of those ages having safe pregnancies and delivering healthy babies.
What happens after I sign up?
After you join Finding Your Fertility over 35, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire to help me get a sense of your own unique fertility circumstances and tailor the program to meet the needs of all the participants.  You’ll also receive a link to my calendar to book your 45-minute Deep Dive session and an invitation to our private Facebook group.  Before we start the week of September 21, you’ll receive a link to our first group coaching call.
I have low AMH. Can this program still help me?
Oh, girl! I know how devastating these test results can be.  On my own fertility journey my AMH was so low – 0.15 – that my doctor classified my egg supply as “undetectable.”  My FSH was also high (16.4) and my antral follicle count was never higher than 5.  I know it’s hard to imagine getting pregnant with test results like this – but I also know that test results aren’t a death sentence, through my own personal experience and experience in helping other women in the same boat get pregnant and have their babies.
Do you make a specific plan for each person or does everyone follow the same regimen?
There are some common elements inherent to the experience of conceiving at an advanced age.  These will be explored for the benefit of all participants during the group calls.  Ultimately, you’ll be following your own path.  We’ll use your deep dive session and office hours appointments to get into any specific concerns unique to your own circumstances that you’d like to discuss.
I want to see if this program will help me where I’m at today. It is more of a generalized approach or more tailored and individualized?
What it comes down to is for you to do what feels right for you.  If that’s a group program where you can receive individual attention from a trained coach, support from a group of women also on this journey who’ve got your back, a discounted test kit to get a handle on your cycles and an action plan and recommendations based on your own individual test results, a Facebook group for ongoing support, and a book thrown in for good measure, I’d love to welcome you into the Finding Your Fertility Over 35 program.
Will you look at our individual cycle charts, test results, etc., and give recommendations based on that?
I love helping women learn how to chart their cycles and interpret what their body – vis-à-vis their charts – is telling them about their health and fertility!  If you purchase a discounted Oova test kit or any of the other discounted test kits and tools I offer, I’ll also be able to give you personalized recommendations and an action plan based on your unique results.
I already have a child or children that were conceived easily, but now I'm struggling to have another. Is this program for me?
Infertility doesn’t discriminate, and secondary infertility is real.  When your family feels incomplete, the pain is excruciating and it doesn’t matter whether you’re trying for your first child or you already have 6 kids.  Finding Your Fertility Over 35 welcomes you.
I'm planning to have a baby by myself. Can I join the program or is it just for women in partnered relationships?
Finding Your Fertility Over 35 is open to any woman over the age of 35 who wants to become a mother. This includes women in traditional marriages, common-law domestic partnerships, same-sex relationships and single mothers by choice.  By the way, choosing to have a baby alone is one of the most empowering things you can do to take control over your own life and I applaud you!
What if I'm looking at building my family through means other than getting pregnant myself?
We’re so fortunate to live in a time where there are so many options available to us for familybuilding.  While some of the information included in Finding Your Fertility Over 35 deal with getting pregnant, the coaching, and many of the tools and resources, are relevant and useful for those pursuing surrogacy and adoption as well. Having so many options, while a blessing, can also be overwhelming. Finding Your Fertility Over 35 will help you deal with the overwhelm and find the right path for you.
I am truly running out of time, age-wise. I can’t afford to make the wrong decision. How do I know if this program is right for me?
Finding Your Fertility Over 35 gives you a comprehensive suite of resources and materials – group and individual coaching calls, access to discounted hormone tests, videos, exercises, worksheets, a bonus fertility cleanse, personalized tools and recommendations developed exclusively for you based on your own unique circumstances – all to help you take decisive action on your journey now.  Can you afford to wait?
How is confidentiality respected?
I will never share your personal information with any other party without your permission, and upon joining the program, you’ll be asked to sign an agreement stating that you will not share any information that’s shared during the group calls or sharing sessions outside of the group.  Our group calls are recorded via secure means and the recordings placed in a protected website.  The Facebook group is also private and its content can only be seen by members of the group.
If I have a question between coaching calls, can I contact you directly?
Absolutely! I want to hear from you!  I give all of my coaching clients, individual and group, access to me via email, text or phone, and I answer all of my messages within 24 hours.  There’s also a private Facebook group for the Finding Your Fertility Over 35 program where you can reach out to your fellow group members at any time.  This group is a safe space, and no one except for the members of the group will be able to see what’s discussed and shared there.
What happens if I find out I’m pregnant during the program?
I’ll be doing a little happy dance for you!  If you get pregnant while enrolled in Finding Your Fertility Over 35, you can remain in the program and be an inspiration to the rest of the participants while still receiving my coaching and support as you navigate this new exciting change in your journey, or you can shift to my exclusive pregnancy support program.

Ready to get the support you need for your over-35 fertility journey?

The party starts September 21!

Your Investment: Only $397

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