We hear a lot on the fertility journey about the importance of eating a fertility-boosting diet. I’ve said myself that how and what you eat can make or break your success on this path.

But how do you do that?  Where do you start?

I know it can be overwhelming to make changes to your diet, particularly if you’re new to clean eating. The good news is that ANY time is a good time to kick-start new habits to healthy eating and a clean lifestyle to boost your fertility.

Even better news is that I’m here to help. Join my free 10-Day Fertility Smoothie Challenge this July and start the journey to a new you!

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Can’t wait to see you for 10 days of smoothie goodness!


Big fertile love to you,



Grab my 3-step solution to increase your chances of getting pregnant faster!

At 42, between Diminished Ovarian Reserve and Advanced Maternal Age, I was told I had less than a 2% chance of getting pregnant with my own eggs. 

Instead of letting infertility define me, I took action. I extensively studied fertility & reproductive health and made positive changes to my lifestyle. As a result, I conceived and delivered a healthy baby boy without major medical intervention.

I’ve developed a 3-part video series detailing the key steps I took to help me get pregnant despite the odds against me.  Get it for yourself.

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