Today I welcome my friend and fellow fertility coach Monica Bivas to my blog!  I’m excited about the information Monica shares with you about the healing power of crystals and how they can help you on your fertility journey.

I know crystals can have immense power to bring calmness and healing to our lives. For years I wore a bracelet on my ankle that contained 7 different crystals, one for each of the chakras (energy centers) in our spiritual body.  Our bodies are made of energy, and not only are we influenced by our own energetic makeup, but by the energy of things surrounding us.  When I wore this bracelet I felt so balanced and centered and more in tune with the world around me.

I really need to start wearing that bracelet again!  Right now it’s sitting on the bottom of my jewelry box!  I bought it in the Denver airport (of all places!) at a New Age store in the summer of 2001 when I traveled to Denver for a work trip. I don’t think that store is at the airport anymore but I’ll always remember it as the place where I bought my very first piece of spiritual jewelry.

I couldn’t have bought that bracelet at a better time, for it began just a few weeks later to help me remain balanced in the face of incredible chaos in my life.  The bracelet helped me process the events of September 11 as life in my home city of Washington, DC changed forever that autumn — as well as the healing all Americans had to do on a national scale.

Crystals and stones can help us for healing on our fertility journey, and can also help us connect with our future baby on a spiritual level.  Monica Bivas explains which crystals are best for fertility, why, and how to use them.


CONSCIOUS CONCEPTION: Crystals for Fertility, Pregnancy, Natural and Assisted Conception – and How to Use Them.

by Monica Bivas

When I was struggling to get pregnant and then throughout my pregnancy, I used different combinations of fertility crystals, to help release negative energy, alleviate stress and bring more peace, specially knowing the only way for me to conceive was IVF (In-vitro Fertilization), and this path is not an easy one.

I’ve had read and heard that baby souls pick their parents, not the other way around. We have to embody the energy that baby soul wants and needs in her or his future life. This is what is known as Conscious conception of a child – whether through the union of you and your partner, through adoption, surrogacy or any kind of fertility treatment (IVF or Insemination); IVF was my case.

Conceiving is one of the most sacred experiences life provides to us humans. The journey to motherhood, no matter which way it is, is about creating that unconditional love a child needs to come in our lives.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the best crystals to use for fertility and how to use them consciously to deeply connect with your partner or yourself and set the intentions through your conceiving journey, which is one of the keys during this fertility journey.

These are the crystals most known to help during our fertility journey:

Rainbow moonstone: Rainbow Moonstone is a healing stone that is directly aligned with the energy of the moon.  When wearing it, it increases fertility, lifts up your feminine power and strengthens your connection with your soul and inner spirit.

Amazonite: Amazonite is known as the stone of courage. It promotes self-confidence, happiness and joy when starting this exciting new journey in your life. It also alleviates anxiety, self-negligence and mood swings, and encourages you to have a healthy lifestyle.

Carnelian: Also known sometimes as Red Agate, is the stone of energy, passion and joy.  This natural stone helps to balance the Second Chakra which is connected to the reproductive system. It is also a protective stone and a source of vitality and renovation.

Sunshine or Peach Moonstone: Sunshine or Peach Moonstone is believed to be a woman’s stone for love and fertility. It promotes hormonal balance and strengthens your immune system. It also alleviates anxiety and brings peace, joy and harmony to whoever wears it.

Lepidolite: Lepidolite is a stone that has a soft nurturing energy, and reminds us to love ourselves and our souls.  It is also a stone that helps to alleviate anxiety with anything related to pregnancy, fertility cycles and childbirth.

To utilize the healing power of crystals, it is important to be in contact with them for longer periods of time. Try wearing jewelry pieces that pair well together so well that their energies enhance each others’ and create some serious amplification and healing.

Be connected with the energy of the Moon, starting a crystal ritual during New Moon, which symbolizes the birth of new things, and continue this ritual for approximately 14 days until it reaches its full expression as full moon.

This ritual (and using any of the crystals mentioned above) may help you to ease those emotional blockages and prepare your mind, body and soul to be in a balance state of abundant love, not only for you but your partner as well.

The path to motherhood is not an easy one, no matter if is naturally or not, but being in balance and using the tools mother nature gives us to create the space to prepare ourselves for that baby soul we want so much, is one of the first steps to reach that goal.


Monica Bivas is a fertility coach, writer, and founder of The IVF Journey, an online support community for couples seeking or undergoing IVF treatment. She helps women and couples reframe their IVF experiences, using positivity and mindfulness to help them affirm their choices and manifest successful outcomes.  Monica’s new book, The IVF Planner, was published in October 2018 by Balboa Press.


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