As if the excitement of the DC Women’s March this weekend wasn’t enough, I’m thrilled to start the week off with some exciting news.

Today I make a return appearance on the Holistic Fertility and Wellness Podcast!

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In my interview I discuss my recent article, Your New Year’s Resolutions for Trying to Conceive.  Originally a post for my weekly blog, B Fit, B Fertile, for Conceive Fertility Hospital, the article was picked up by Huffington Post earlier this month.

The New Year’s Resolutions are practical, actionable steps that you can take to further your goal of getting pregnant and having your baby.  This is so important on the fertility journey, where we can often feel as though so much is out of our control.

In addition to helping us nourish our physical bodies and our spirits to prepare for having a baby, these actions help us to create a life that we’re genuinely excited to get up and live every day.  Who doesn’t want that?!

I also announce a special event in the podcast – my free webinar on February 1 where you’ll learn how to create and implement your own action plan to help you achieve your goal of conception.

This is my second appearance on the podcast; last year I was interviewed about my fertility success story and how I conceived my son despite some pretty major odds against me.  Big thanks to Stephanie Risinger for having me back on the show!

I can’t wait for you to take a listen to the interview, and I can’t wait to see you at the webinar!


Stephanie xo

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