I’m so excited to let you all know about a wonderful opportunity from our friends over at FertilityIQ!

Last April, FertilityIQ, an online assessment service providing patient evaluations of reproductive endocrinologists and their practices, launched to help fertility patients find the right doctor for them. To celebrate, they’re giving away money!

On April 28th, one member of the FertilityIQ community will be granted a free cycle of IVF, up to $10,000. They hope this will bring you, or someone you care about, one step closer to having the family of your dreams.

The grantee will be a patient who has contributed an assessment of their fertility doctor to FertilityIQ before the end of the day on April 27th. That person can choose to use the grant for themselves or gift it to someone they care about. They’ll select this person randomly, so there’s no need to submit any type of special application. Think of this as a grant, not a contest. There won’t be any judging or needless hoopla.  Everyone has an equal chance to win!

It’s definitely not too late to make yourself eligible — every valid assessment of a fertility doctor received before the deadline counts. Just click here to start crafting an assessment (or hit any of the big, blue “Evaluate Your Doctor” buttons on the top-right of your screen). Your name is never shown on the review. And if you’ve already contributed a verified assessment, you’re automatically counted in (just make sure they’ve got your verification)!

And please, spread the word! If you tell a friend who ends up winning, you’ll be awarded $2,500. That money can go to treatment, a cause, or anything that matters to you. NOTE: If you found out about the grant as a result of the Your Fertile Self community, please let FertilityIQ know!

Here’s the link again: https://www.fertilityiq.com/ivf/grant

Good luck!

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