Mother’s Day is this weekend.  How are you doing?


This day can be an emotional minefield if you’re on the fertility path.  Before I became a mom, I felt like motherhood was an exclusive club and I was on the outside looking in.  I hated that feeling.


It was hard enough that moms had their children to love, their children who made them cards and crafty gifts that they could cherish forever.  They also had their mom’s groups and social gatherings.


On top of all that that they got their very own day to get taken out for a special meal, they got flowers and jewelry.  On Mother’s Day I’d avoid restaurants like the plague.

And what did I get?  An infertility diagnosis, a couple miscarriages and a lot of negative pregnancy tests, pain and heartbreak.

I’m a mom now, but I haven’t forgotten those feelings of despair.  And I haven’t forgotten how painful this Hallmark Holiday can be. 

I thought you should have your own Mother’s Day gift.  I’ve created a 10-minute meditation to help you connect with your own maternal energy this weekend.  I believe that you are a mother because you carry that dream of a child in your heart.  That is the place that mothers are made, which is well before she ever carries a baby in her uterus. 

Click on the arrow below to listen to the meditation.

This meditation helps you open your heart and connect to the mother within you.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for letting me walk with you on your fertility path.  It’s my honor to support you.

Stephanie xoxo



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