Earlier this year, I appeared on the Beat Infertility podcast to talk about periodic cleansing as a means for boosting fertility.

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I shared my own personal experiences with cleansing during my fertility journey in 2012-13.  Those experiences had such an impact on my health and well-being (and I now have an almost 5-year-old son!) that 6 years later, I’m still cleansing – almost every season.

Periodic cleansing is one of the best things that you can do for your health and fertility!  It’s truly an amazing practice to get into to help you along your journey to improved health and well-being.

In the interview I also talk about the benefits of seasonal cleansing.  That interview took place in winter, so the focus was on winter cleanses.

Now it’s fall, and I love cleansing in the fall!  Not only do I love all the yummy fall foods – Apples! Squashes! Roasted Veggies! My mouth is watering! – I also love the energetic focus of fall.

Check out the podcast interview here!

After all the activity of summer – vacations, parties, fun in the sun – summer really is a high-energy time – fall is all about getting back down to business and harnessing the summer’s energy to prepare to go inward for winter.  It’s a transition time.  A time for incredible renewal.  This is what I really love about cleansing during the fall season.

I’m so excited to bring you my summer cleanse, Renewal for Fertility.  Renewal for Fertility runs October 22-31 and will help you do just that – renew.  You’ll use the power of whole, autumn, foods and clean living to gently remove toxins from your system, and get your body baby-ready inside and out.

Renew for your fertility this summer | Stephanie Roth | Your Fertile Self



In addition to eating yummy, fall foods (I am having SO much fun putting these recipes together!), you’ll walk away with an entire arsenal of tools to help you on your journey toward optimal health and fertility.

You’ll not only feel great, you’ll gain great insight to your own body – it’s why I keep coming back each season.

The best part about this quick 7-day summer cleanse is that you can get the cleanse materials now, and cleanse when it suits your schedule – and I’m just a click away when you need a loving ear. 


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