I’ve written pretty extensively about how meditation and visualization helped me on my fertility journey.  Despite making lots of changes to my lifestyle through eating healthier, moving my body and sleeping better, I still didn’t feel completely comfortable in my body.

While on a break from fertility treatment due to a cancelled cycle, I reflected on this.  I sat in silence and listened for guidance to come from within me.  This guidance came in the realization that my mind and my body were horribly disconnected, and if I wanted to find success on my fertility path, I was going to have to connect them.

I began a meditation practice, developing custom meditations, visualizations and affirmations that I recorded and listened to every day, oftentimes more than once a day.  After just a short while I noticed that I started to feel better in myself, and was more grounded in the present moment.

Before embarking on this practice, I approached my journey from a place of desperation and fear. I wondered with despair what would happen if I didn’t have my baby.  After a consistent, regular meditation practice, I noticed a shift.  Over time I had innate knowing within myself.  I knew hat motherhood was just around the corner for me and that my journey would end with my baby.

I’m excited to share my first meditation with you.  This meditation helps promote a sense of overall calm and appreciation for your perfect body.  So often on this journey we feel as though our bodies are working against us.  On the contrary, our bodies love us and work so hard for us every single day.  Through this meditation we can honor our beautiful bodies.


Listen to the meditation here:  “Embrace Your Perfect Body”

I’m working on other meditations that will be available shortly.  Sign up at the bottom of this page and you’ll be the first to know when they’re available!

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