Have you ever thought about the role that stories play in your life?

A good story is fun to read.  Stories can make us laugh, make us cry, or make us feel happy to be alive.

A good story can also be inspiring.  We recently watched the Olympic Games in Rio full of inspiring stories from amazing athletes.

Has it ever occurred to you that YOUR story can inspire you, and help you reach your goals, maybe even your goal of having a baby?

I am living proof that it can happen.

 Three years ago, I got pregnant with my son after a year of trying, 2 miscarriages, and 3 rounds of intrauterine insemination (IUI).  Oh, and I was 43 years old and had a Diminished Ovarian Reserve diagnosis (DOR).  My fertility test results were in the toilet, and my reproductive endocrinologist had told me I had less than a 2% chance of getting pregnant with my own eggs, recommending donor egg IVF as my course of treatment.

Today, I have a healthy and very rambunctious toddler after getting pregnant, with my own eggs, via IUI.

I did a lot of things to take control of my health and fertility so that this could happen. I learned about my body through charting my basal body temperatures and monitoring my fertility signs.  I started taking vitamins.  I cleaned up my diet.  I started going to bed earlier and exercising more.  All of these things, I know, helped me become stronger and healthier, physically.

 But the biggest work that I did, and the work that had the greatest impact, was mental.

I programmed my mind to not just believe, but know, that I would get pregnant and have healthy baby.  And I did it by using my own fertility story.

In my fertility coaching business, Your Fertile Self, I help clients physically and mentally prepare for motherhood.  In addition to focusing on physical aspects, such as tracking your cycles and incorporating healthy lifestyle choices, my coaching packages include working with you to take your own unique, personal fertility story and using it to your benefit.

I’ve been asked if I set an intention.  Some people asked me if I practiced meditation.  Still others wonders if I used creative visualization.  The answer to all of those questions is a resounding YES.  The reality is that I did all of these things, all woven together.

Here’s what I did:

  • During my treatment, I wrote a story with me as the main character and the documentation of my cycle as the plot. At the time that I was trying to conceive, I was prolifically writing in my journal; I documented my fertility signs, tracked my cycles, and kept detailed notes about my doctors appointments.  These journal entries became the basis of my story, and I knew as I wrote it that I was writing the story of my child’s conception.  I wrote the story in real time, so each day it became just a little bit longer, including new details about my cycle that emerged from my doctors appointments.
  • I recorded the story, creating a meditation spoken in my own voice, and listened to it daily, often more than once a day.  While meditation is a common tool on the fertility journey, and there are lots of meditations out there to download, my belief was that having something that I created myself and recorded in my own voice was infinitely more powerful.  I listened to it often during the day, wanting it to become part of my subconscious.

This work involved setting an intention, which entails telling the universe what you wantto accomplish, and taking action each day toward making it happen, never wavering from that belief.  I’d venture to say that I set the intention, to create the space in my life to become a mother, at the very beginning of my fertility journey, and creating the story/meditation was one of the many actions I took to make it happen.

Meditation, an internal effort to self-regulate the mind in some way, was also a key component. I included the facts as they were unfolding so that the story would be firmly grounded in reality, and added mantras to reprogram my thinking.  By listening to the story throughout my day, I cemented the information into the recesses of my mind.

Creative visualization uses the imagination to make dreams and goals come true.  I used the creative writing process to create a meditation, thorough which I visualized the outcome of having a healthy baby.  But the story itself was rooted in fact.

My coaching packages include a power session with me that I use to create and record a personalized meditation for you, using information from your own fertility path.   If you’d prefer to create your own meditation, as I did, I can also work with you to teach you how to do this.

There’s no way to know for sure why some women are able to beat the odds, as I did, and get pregnant, while others aren’t.  Research has shown, however, that meditation and visualization are amazing tools that can help.  By helping to manage the stress and anxiety that are part of the fertility roller coaster, these tools can help regulate your hormones and facilitate regular ovulation, which is the number one cause of female infertility.

But their benefits go beyond the physiological.   Intention setting, meditation and visualization all help you gain control over your thoughts, which is the first step to manifesting your healthy pregnancy.   I know with every fiber of my being that my son wouldn’t be here today without it.

Want to learn more?  Get in touch with me today!

[originally appeared at Where’s My Stork, September 2016]

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