Sometimes you just need someone to step outside the box that the doctors put you in and give you a different perspective.  Stephanie does that marrying both knowledge and grace. 

Stephanie is an amazing resource, and not just for fertility. She is committed to healthy living and has a wonderfully compassionate way to convey it that is infectious in its joy! 

She is easy to talk to and very efficient with both email and skype follow-ups. What better way to navigate all the information that is out there than with someone who has already done so much of the leg work?? 

She has made so many changes in her life that I could not help looking at my own and following her lead. She continually inspires me to stay positive and keep on the up side of things. A true gem in every sense!!!

Carol M.

Dallas, TX

As I went through the over-35 pregnancy journey, I found Stephanie’s insight and support incredibly helpful. I continue to recommend her and her services!

Stephanie offers a winning combination of professionalism and compassion. She willingly shares her extensive expertise and personal experience in an easily understood and practical way. 

Marion R.

Washington, DC


I was so lucky to find Stephanie.  Without her support and help I may have given up long ago.  Instead I've been inspired to keep going and find the answers! If more women would seek help they may not be struggling.  Stephanie has given me so much encouragement and is always there for me.  It's truly a godsend that I found her when I needed it most.

Tonya S.

Cleveland, OH

Stephanie shared incredibly valuable advice to me over the course of several miscarriages and a complicated pregnancy. I appreciate her expertise and insights and highly recommend her services.

Lindsay A.

Lorton, VA

Stephanie is super knowledgeable about wellness and fertility, and is extremely supportive for families going through fertility treatment. I have the utmost confidence in her.

Michelle A.

Woodbridge, VA


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