Once upon a time, just a few short years ago, I wasn’t able to tell people I’d struggled with infertility because I was so ashamed about it.  I’d change the subject when it came to my pregnancy.  I even lied about having had fertility treatment (I told people I hadn’t had it).

Hard to believe, because now I spend a lot of time telling people my story!  Every little detail.  And my struggle with infertility and to conceive my son is the centerpiece of that story.

When I first launched my coaching practice, I made a video about “why” I chose to become a fertility coach.  I knew that in order to really be able to help people on their fertility paths, I had to “keep it real” and not hide behind my shame anymore.

The video is definitely a “rough cut” – my business has grown by leaps and bounds since I made it – and, the day we shot this, I definitely had a face for radio!

So many things about my practice are different now, including the name! (Spice of Life Wellness, you were a great brand to get me started in business and bring Your Fertile Self to life!)

Some things haven’t changed though – my emphasis on health, wellness and setting an intention.  All are such valuable tools to have in your arsenal on this very complicated and emotional path.

I remember making the video, and my hand shaking when I pushed the “publish” button to upload it to YouTube, and by extension, the world.  I knew there was no turning back.  I was infertile and now everyone would know.

I’m so glad I mustered up the courage to do it.  It’s sure been a fun ride since then.  Best of all has been the people I’ve helped and inspired with my story.

It was fun to unearth this gem from the early days.  I hope you have fun checking it out too!

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