Every winter, I remember my first seasonal fertility cleanse that changed my life.

In January 2012, I signed up for a cleanse to help me be the healthiest I could for trying to conceive.

I knew that I didn’t have age on my side, so I wanted to do anything I could to be healthy and give myself the best possible chance to get pregnant and have a baby.

I didn’t know what I was getting into, but I figured I’d do the cleanse, get some clean living tips, and be on my way.

What I wasn’t expecting was that I’d undergo such a physical and emotional transformation in 10 days that I’d sign up for another cleanse the following spring.  The next thing I knew, an entire year had gone by and I’d cleansed every season.

Now it’s several years later and not only do I try to reboot my body each season, but I’m a mom of an elementary schooler, a fertility coach, and lead my own fertility cleanses each season to help other women on the fertility path get ready – from the inside out – to conceive their babies.

While cleansing, I kept trying to conceive.  And I got pregnant.  After just a year of trying.  With my own eggs, despite my doctor’s prediction of less than a 2% chance of doing so.  Without donor egg IVF.  Without any kind of IVF.  With the tools of clean food and clean living on my side.  Those were the building blocks that got me through the journey to conceive.

What is cleansing and how does it improve fertility?

Cleansing or detox is a process of gently removing toxins from your body to improve your overall health, and for those of us on the fertility path, to get our bodies ready for conception.

A cleanse will clean our entire body inside and out, but focuses primarily on the liver, and for fertility, the uterus. Our liver’s primary job is to remove toxins from our bodies, and sometimes in the process of doing so gets overworked, and needs its own time to be cleaned.

Our uterus, as our baby’s first home, needs special attention, particularly the uterine lining where our embryo settles in for its nine-month gestation. In cleaning the uterus through periodic cleansing, you’re giving your baby its best possible start in life – before it’s even conceived!

A gentle whole foods-based cleanse will clean both of these organs through natural, seasonal whole fruits, vegetables and grains that promote our body’s natural craving of balance with nature.

Think of cleansing as pressing the reset button on our body – and in the process of getting our bodies back into good working order for ourselves, we’re also creating the best possible environment for our future baby to be conceived, and to grow and thrive.

What are some other health benefits of a fertility cleanse?

For fertility, cleansing helps to normalize ovulation through restoring hormonal balance. Issues with ovulation are the leading cause of female infertility, and hormonal imbalances have a direct correlation with irregular or absent ovulation.

Eating seasonal, whole foods during a cleanse will help bring our bodies back to their natural balance, which is the first critical step to reclaiming both our health and our fertility.

While everyone’s cleanse experience is different, there are some commonly realized benefits:
• Weight Loss
• Improved Sleep
• Increased Energy
• Mental Clarity
• Better Mood
• Reduced Stress
• Feeling More Comfortable in Your Own Skin


Why do a fertility cleanse in the winter?

As previously stated, our bodies crave balance with nature.  Cleansing each season gives us the opportunity to reboot our body from the prior season and get in balance with the current season.  Seasonal foods not-so-coincidentally give us exactly what we need, when we need it, to achieve our body’s natural balance.

Every season offers something unique and special for a cleanse experience, which is also why it’s great to do a cleanse every season.  Spring is associated with new beginnings and fertility – for coming out of the dormancy of winter, harnessing new energy, and growing into something new.

Winter is a time for rest and rejuvenation. This season gives us the opportunity to go inward, to reflect, to embrace stillness as we prepare for new beginnings in spring.

A cleanse during this time gets you ready to usher in the new.  It’s taken me a long time to learn how to embrace winter’s magic but now, that calm and stillness, and going within, are what I love most about cleansing during this season (and I love all the yummy winter soups and stews!).

Renewal for Fertility will give you that same opportunity. Through an emphasis on clean, whole, fertility-boosting foods and giving ourselves both the time and space for self-care, you’ll reboot our body, mind and spirit for the fertility journey, as well as our journey toward optimal health.

Baby, Its Cold Outside: Your Fertility in Winter

What’s included in your fertility cleanse?

Renewal for Fertility is designed to be done whenever it’s convenient for you during the winter season.  I’ll give you complete, step-by-step materials to help you get ready for your cleanse before you even start, from what kinds of tools to have on hand in your kitchen to how to prepare mentally and emotionally.  This way you’re totally ready when it’s time to begin, with a complete meal plan, materials and guide to use during the 10 days.

During your cleanse you’ll have a complete 10-day meal plan and menu, along with recipes and shopping list, so that you always know what you’re eating and when.  All the meals are simple and easy to prepare, as well as delicious.

You’ll get a journal to record your experiences during the cleanse, instruction on several wellness topics related to health and fertility, and daily affirmations to help keep you on track during your cleanse.  You’ll also get a plan to help you keep up with your new healthy habits after your cleanse.

A private Facebook community will give you live support during your cleanse from me.  In the group you’ll also connect other women like you on the fertility journey, looking to create the best possible environment to conceive and deliver your much-wanted baby.

Get Renewal for Fertility Now!

After I had my son and started to come out of the all-consuming fog of the fertility journey, I realized that my fertility journey and my health journey were interconnected.  Reclaiming my health through cleansing not only prepared my body for conception, it gave me the confidence to reclaim my fertility too, and buck my Diminished Ovarian Reserve diagnosis and my advanced maternal age status. I know it can help you too.

Are you ready to renew for your fertility?


Steph xo

How a Winter Cleanse Can Boost Your Fertility | Stephanie Roth | Your Fertile Self

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