The fertility journey can be lonely and overwhelming.
No one should have to walk this path alone.
I’m here to share tips, strategies and insights from my own fertility journey with you.
To help you on your own path to motherhood.

 1:1 Coaching

Stephanie_MarkIf… dealing with trying to conceive has left you feeling tired and broken. Your relationship with your partner is suffering.  You want to feel better in your body and in your life.  This is for you.

The fertility journey can be lonely and overwhelming. Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or undergoing fertility treatments, whether it’s your first baby or you’re experiencing secondary infertility, it’s important to be ready, physically and emotionally, to take on this challenge.

My private coaching services give you the tools you need for the journey. Together we’ll unearth what works for you physically, emotionally and spiritually to not only weather the journey, but find optimal health. We’ll learn about your body and your cycles, and determine what you need to move forward. We’ll create an action plan to get you on track for baby, and be the mother you’re meant to be.

Here’s what you get in a four-month private coaching program with me:

  • Two live sessions a month, via teleconference, Skype or FaceTime.
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions, with no more than a 24-hour turnaround.
  • Conception planning based on your cycles, and interpretation of your Basal Body Temperature charts.
  • Customized health and wellness tools developed just for you, including meal plans devised for you and your unique health issues; and lifestyle strategies to create space in your body and mind for conception.
  • Your very own customized fertility meditation, using your own fertility story as a basis, to help you remain calm and centered on the journey.
  • Exclusive access to information on diet, cleansing, exercise and the mind-body connection to help you navigate the fertility roller coaster.
  • Ongoing motivational and emotional coaching.
  • A blueprint for ongoing health and wellness.

Contact me for pricing.

Coaching Power Pack

Do you want all the support of a fertility coach to help you navigate the maze of the fertility journey but want to do it on your own terms?  A Coaching Session Power Pack is for you.

The Power Pack gives you all the support of a regular individual coaching program, but you can tailor our sessions to what works best for you.  You purchase your coaching sessions and then use them however you wish, in half-hour or hour-long blocks whenever you’d like, discussing the topics that are most important to you.

It’s not as structured as the regular 4-month program, and you have more flexibility to help define your program, to get what you really want to get out of coaching.  So that you can do what you need to do to have your baby.


Here’s what you get in a Power Pack:

  • 6 hours of coaching, by teleconference, Skype or FaceTime.
  • Targeted, focused coaching on the areas where you want to devote the most attention.
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions, with no more than a 24-hour turnaround, until all session time is used (no more than 4 months).
  • Customized health and wellness tools developed just for you.
  • Exclusive access to information on diet, cleansing, exercise and the mind-body connection to help you navigate the fertility roller coaster.
  • A blueprint for ongoing health and wellness.

Get in touch with me to learn more!

What They Say

Sometimes you just need someone to step outside the box that the doctors put you in and give you a different perspective.  Stephanie does that marrying both knowledge and grace. 

Stephanie is an amazing resource, and not just for fertility. She is committed to healthy living and has a wonderfully compassionate way to convey it that is infectious in its joy! 

She is easy to talk to and very efficient with both email and skype follow-ups. What better way to navigate all the information that is out there than with someone who has already done so much of the leg work?? 

She has made so many changes in her life that I could not help looking at my own and following her lead. She continually inspires me to stay positive and keep on the up side of things. A true gem in every sense!!!

Carol M.

Dallas, TX

As I went through the over-35 pregnancy journey, I found Stephanie’s insight and support incredibly helpful. I continue to recommend her and her services!

Stephanie offers a winning combination of professionalism and compassion. She willingly shares her extensive expertise and personal experience in an easily understood and practical way. 

Marion R.

Washington, DC

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